Scuba Diving Sardinia

More than 30 dives under the highest cliffs that candid overlook the emerald Mediterranean sea. Our staff, lover of the sea and nature, will be pleased to accompany you on walls, dry banks of rock, ancient beaches "fossil" now underwater caves and the two wrecks from the Second World War - the famous German armed freighter KT 12 and the Italian merchant Hake.

Scuba Diving

Unforgettable dives

  • KT12 Wreck

    An armoured German cargo ship which sank in 1943. Resting on the sandy sea-bottom, at a depth of between 23 and 34 metres, in sailing trim and well preserved. Considered to be one of the finest wrecks in the Mediterranean.


    KT12 Wreck
  • Osalla Bank

    Itinerary along a long bank of coated basalt rocks at the top of a dense sea-grass area; rich with passages, dens, burrows and ravines. Interesting because of its typical pre-Coral and Coral environment.


    Osalla Bank
  • The Basalt

    Canyon of basalt rock with wide accessible clefts and wide hollows with deposits of very white sand and bright green sea grass at 14 m. This colourful dive is animated by invertebrates. Sometimes you can see shoals of barracuda and anchovies.


    The Basalt
  • Nasello Wreck

    Italian steam merchant ship cannoned by the English submarine "Safari" and sunk in front of Cala Luna in 1943. Resting on the sandy sea-bottom, at a depth of between 30 and 34 metres.


    Nasello Wreck
  • The Tunnel Galleria

    At 9 metres, there is a submerged tunnel with light on both sides. Beneath a wall, you can enter a cave which ends with rooms of stalactites. Fossil beach at 10 metres.


    The Tunnel Galleria
  • Caves

    Oyster Cave
    Very pretty because of the rare presence of live oysters and fossils. There are lots of prawns and mussels. You can see submerged columns and stalactites at the top of the cave.

    Acituan Cave
    From the deepest rocks at about 22 m., it is located along the wall facing the cave entries. It has four entry points which create a beautiful play of light; two of them are separated by a pretty bridge of rock.

    Organo Cave
    Cave from which you can get to a room with a large organ-pipe concretion. Inside, you often see shoals of elegant sea ravens and apogon. Pretty play of colours and light effects.


  • Porticciolo

    Dive to a degrading seabed, at 12 to 20 metres, of sandstone broken up into large strange-shaped and cracked blocks: you can see shoals of sea ravens and solitary groupers.


  • Brooklin Bridge

    From an inlet in the sandstone which is very cracked and rich with Bentonic organisms, you arrive at a south-facing wall at 24 metres where a mass of cyclopean rocks creates a passage of ravines and dens with beautiful light effects.


    Brooklin Bridge
  • Levantino

    The wreck of a merchant ship which sank in the 1950's during a storm from which it tried to shelter in a "fjord": it is now between 12 and 15 metres deep. It is great fun trying to recognise the various mechanical parts which are now home to a large quantity of sea flora and fauna.
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