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New headquarters opening - Argonauta ASD

In view of the opening of a branch of our diving association at Camping Village Abbatoggia, we have organized a "Citizen science" event for next season in collaboration with the Park and with the participation of DAN Europe and PADI.

The basis of the event is the theoretical and practical training (for divers) in the collection of biometric data of diving (for hyperbaric medicine research) and flora-fauna of the dive sites, using a uniform protocol that can be reused by the researchers. The patents relating to the "Basic Reserch Diver" and "Basic Resaerch Operator" courses are issued jointly by PADI and DAN with the mean of Argonauta a.s.d. Research Diving Center and its Specialty Instructors . The event will obviously be open to the participation of other diving centers authorized by the park, which would have the opportunity to become a Research Dive Center and have their instructors acquire the opportunity to teach the specialties.

The DAN will participate with doctors and researchers who will talk about the collection of biometric data before, during and after the dive, explaining their use and direct entry into the DAN database as a research institution; together with the PADI regional manager, the topic of good diving practices with dive computers will also be discussed.

La Maddalena Park will take care of the collection of flora and fauna data and will show examples of research and monitoring on particular sites of the park, including them in the practical part of the courses in order to raise awareness among divers and park users to respect the environment, with particular regard for the marine one. Participants will be directly involved in research and conservation and will therefore understand why it is important to respect certain rules of behavior both inside and outside protected areas.

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